Don't say anything that might get you into trouble.

We'll only have ten minutes in there.

I can reason with Shannon.

What happened to the rest of the food?

Does he like his new job?

Dean knew that Brian kept a key under the doormat.

Ow, ow! I bit my tongue!

If you're missing the forest for the trees then you're failing to see the big picture.

The ice-cream will melt, so I put it in the fridge.

I don't have to excuse myself for what I said.


Did you and Juliane ever talk about that?

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Polly held out his empty glass and Ofer filled it with orange juice.


I need a piece of wood about three inches thick.


The parents expected too much of their son.

I prefer soft drinks without sugar.

Please wake up at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

Suzan is a paramedic.

You need a new career.


How can you trust her?


They want me to talk to Rudolph.

Go and ask her.

They've changed a lot.


Sehyo challenged Joe to another game of chess.


Don't do anything strenuous tonight.

Something's wrong, but I don't know what.

Good traditions should be preserved.

Oleg will keep us informed.

I don't think we should get involved.

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Do you think such a thing is possible?

Someone is calling for help.

I have something very special planned.

How much is the monthly rate?

It is strange that he knows nothing about the matter.


As a young man he flirted briefly with communism.

You can walk for all I care.

Merat is an audiophile.

This word is of Latin descent.

I have to apologize to Archie.

Kaj broke off his engagement to Gunnar.

Christmas is just three days away.

I am nearly forty and still unmarried.

Pray for all of us.

Finally, someone spoke.

All you had to do was ask and I would have helped you.

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Don is anorexic.

The boys are playing with their Erector Set.

Tell him the problem is solved.

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We have to tell everybody what happened.

I think perhaps you should call Pravin.

I think my job is pointless.


They are all good teachers.


I want to do my job the best I can.

I know people think I'm strange.

Nobody ever saw hide or hair of him.

Izchak is married to someone else now.

That doesn't seem right.

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What would the world do without tea?


How often does the train go to Stockholm?

Do you sell formal wear?

Maybe we shouldn't have gone to Amy's party last night.


Your watch is on the desk.

I saw Yumi in my dream.

Marvin set down his glass.

He married his daughter to a bank clerk.

I got him to fix my bicycle.

Fruitarians eat only fruit.

I'm really glad you called.

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Those cats are liked by her.

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The city is beautiful.

Arthur was contented.

I know a woman whose first and last names are the same as mine.

In that uninviting place I found too many difficult people.

We can't add days to our life, but we can add life to our days.

Can't you stay a little longer?

Owen didn't seem to understand what had happened.


He's a job creator.


I didn't leave the door unlocked.

Akira is good at tennis.

I really appreciate the fact that you like me just the way I am.


This machine cranks out a thousand screws an hour.


I can't believe you watch sports.


Is that all you have to say to me?

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Deirdre thinks that he's David's boyfriend, but Sanity thinks that he's just a friend.

Don't you see that Shakil's using you?

Whenever I try to get near her, she pushes me away.


Who is responsible for high unemployment?

The nurse gave me a flu shot.

I'm not sure what else I should do.

This is all a mystery to me.

It is easy for me to solve the problem.


Make each day your masterpiece.


I'm afraid this story is too adult for children to appreciate.

She barely ate her lunch.

Everyone has his intellectual desire; mine is to escape life as I know it.


Don't tell me anything you don't want Srikanth to know.

I took the bus in order to reach the destination before it got dark.

Lord hasn't kissed me in three months.

I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to your city.

After cutting the wood, use sandpaper to make it smooth.

I didn't realize you couldn't understand French.

Please give me the details of the accident.


Peter and I would often go to the movies.

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He felt sure that market is not necessarily free and open.

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I could never forgive myself if I did that.

She tried hard to express herself well.

Let me say it once for all.

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It's the portrait of misery.

If only you were here, I could consult you about it.

I thought Eric would ask Jagath a few questions.

My neighbors are very nice people.

Mother is cooking in the kitchen.

I like to keep my clothes for as long as possible.

I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.

Armin broke the window.

Your dress is very nice.


I'm not disappointed.


Where is the Italian embassy?

In summer, the girls usually go swimming either at the river or at the park.

"How did you come to speak French so well?" - "Well, I am French."

What do you hate to write in a letter?

My uncles live in London.

"Those letters are all the wrong way around!" "No, it's supposed to be like that, it's Russian."

Women tend to fuss over trifling matters.


I thought you were raised in L.A.


He forgot to buy a present for her.

Organisations that have responded to the information from the media have insisted that nothing will change and that things will remain as they are nowadays.

Triantaphyllos and Thad went out of their way to come to the station to see me off.


That woman is a convict.

They're of human origin.

Have you ever seen a pier?

I was just fooling around.

Pilar is crazier than anyone else I know.

It took me several hours to find it.

My car is at David's garage.

We still have more time.

I've worked with many people over the last few years, including several graduate students.

I don't think we need to do that.

This is one BORING movie! Wow!

Dimitry lacks confidence in himself.

Kent says Jarvis wasn't at the meeting.

She was ill for a long time.

I will accept full responsibility for this.

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I can't help thinking about the future.

By the time Jennifer realized what was happening, it was too late.

It was a sunny day when we went to the mall.

They sell imported goods at the shop.

Arthur said he had seen Herve a couple of months ago.

It is close to seven o'clock. We have to go to school.

Wolf, hurry it up.

Raghu thinks that his computer is possessed by an evil spirit.

I wouldn't want to get thrown into a situation like that.

Check it out, Nikolai.

I don't think we have that kind of time.

Now I want to introduce my parents to you.

Why don't you go to your room and play?

I've been too busy.

It is not easy to learn a foreign language.


Have you done your homework yet?

Hold still.

He doesn't like traveling by air.